Why InnCom challenge?

We think that a challenge is the way for supporting the growth of new business initiatives whilst allowing COMSA Corporación to get closer to new forms of innovation and promote diversification in the areas of digitalization of construction and improvement in facility management services.

Is InnCom challenge an accelerator?

No, we are not. We are a venture client and a partner for start-ups. We focus on tailor made agreements to connect start-ups with our key decision-makers. You will be able to work with our managers and engineers on real innovation projects.

What is InnCom challenge looking for?

We are looking for start-ups:

  • With a product or functional prototype, mature enough, to be integrated and validated by customers.
  • Constituted as a legal entity or in process of becoming one.
  • With a team fully dedicated to the aim of the project.

My start-up doesn’t focus on the engineering & construction industry. Can I apply?

Yes, you can, if your solution can bring added value to our business, in terms of increased operational efficiency; cost reduction for our key areas and new business model generation.

What does InnCom challenge offer?

If we like your project, we are open to offer a tailored package of perks, according to your business stage and interests:

  • Product validation: paid proof of concept; travel & accommodation; presenting your solution to COMSA Corporación teams.
  • Access to COMSA Corporación Services, facilities & people: key decision makers; business & tech experts.
  • Business development: market growth for your product and/or service.

Are you considering investing in start-ups?

COMSA Corporación’s main objective is to collaborate with you as a venture client and, as a partner, with a business development approach.

We are open to study any kind of investment as a result of the process itself, but our focus is not about financing projects.

What type of information is needed to apply?

The process for participating in InnCom Challenge is very easy: you just need to fill a simple online form and include the following information:

  • Presentation of your company
  • Business Case Executive summary
  • Founders team CV
  • Know how or IP related documents

Can we skip F6S registration and send our application directly by e-mail?

No. F6s is the only channel through which InnCom Challenge is accepting proposals.

The Challenge is open only to Spanish start-ups?

No. InnCom Challenge wants to find disruptive solutions, no matter where they come from.

When is the deadline for applications?

The application period is open from November 5th, 2018 to January 13th, 2019. Click on the apply button to start the application process. For more detailed information, please check the rules of participation

Can I submit my entry in my native language?

No, the application form will only be in English.

What is the process after the Challenge deadline? What will happen if I am selected?

We will perform a rigorous validation process around 2 phases:

Phase 1

We will analyze all submitted projects (those having completed the application form) and create a shortlist of those with greater potential.

Phase 2

Shortlisted projects will be admitted to 2nd stage (pre-validation), which will include technical, business and market aspects. Those projects having successfully passed also pre-validation phase will be included in the finalist lists.

COMSA Corporación will be contacting with all finalists and start negotiating ad-hoc collaboration agreements with view to announce them in March 2019.

Still doubts? Any other useful information you need?

Drop us a line at info@inncom.io